where to place Recycled Items


Recycling is an easy habit to establish with a little thoughtful consideration. When disposing of trash, simply place items that are recyclable into the black receptacles in campus buildings (marked with large stickers bearing the Wayland Recycles logo) instead of the standard trashcan. Placing a second can by your own for such materials can help, making fewer trips to the black bins.

Recycle Bin

The black bins are then dumped into the blue larger Dumpster-style bins located on the Plainview campus. Recyclable materials can also be taken directly to the blue receptacles on campus, found in the following locations:

  • in front of Nunn Auditorium
  • behind Gates Hall
  • North of the LRC
  • West of the Laney Center on 8th Street
  • West of Harral Auditorium (by the band hall)
  • Across from Wilder Field on Xenia Street.

If you have outdated medicines or syringes, the best way to dispose of those is to bring them to the SIFE Drug Drop the second Wednesday of each month, held at Nunn Business Building from 9 a.m. to noon. Instead of endangering landfills and the city water supply, those items will be incinerated safely through the City of Plainview. Other hazardous materials will be treated the same way.

At Wayland's external campuses, recycling information is available at the campus or on the individual campus Web pages.