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Environmental Science Program


Thank you for visiting the website for the Environmental Science Program at Wayland Baptist University. Our program, housed in the Moody Science building on the Plainview, TX, campus, is designed to prepare students for careers in industry, government, or to pursue graduate studies in environmental science or related fields.  Along with an emphasis on Christian environmental stewardship, we integrate hands on experience in the design and implementation of green technologies that can be applied at the homestead scale or in the mission field.

Environmental Science is a new program at Wayland Baptist University and began in the Fall 2010

Environmental Science Major:

The major requires 41 hours, of which 29 hours are upper-level.  Courses must be selected from the groupings listed below.  Students are encouraged to carefully select applicable electives in the groups shown below to complement their minor and avoid course overlap between their major and minor.  *Math 1306 Elementary Statistics and MSCI 3101 Faith and Science are requirements for all math and science majors.  MATH 1306 may be used to fulfill the additional three hours math requirement in the general education core of the B.S. degree.  CHEM 1401 and CHEM 1402 may be used to fulfill 8 hours of the physical science and science elective requirements in the general education core of the B.S. degree.

      Biology Group  (8 hours required)
                BIOL 1401 – General Biology I
                BIOL 1402 – General Biology II

      Geology Group  (8 hours required)
                GEOL 1401 – Physical Geology
                GEOL 3404 – Environmental Geology

      Environmental Science Group  (10 hours required)
                ENVS 3301 – Environmental Science

                ENVS 4101 – Environmental Science Seminar

                six hours from:
                     ENVS 4302 – Environmental Laws and Regulations
                     ENVS 4303 – Natural Resource Management
                     ENVS (BIOL) 4409 – Conservation Biology

      Chemistry Group  - four hours from:
                CHEM 2402 – Analytical Chemistry I
                CHEM 3407 – Instrumental Analysis
                GEOL 4404 – Geochemistry

      Biological Science Electives - four hours from:
                BIOL 3401 – Invertebrate Zoology
                BIOL 3404 – Vertebrate Biology
                BIOL 3405 – General Botany
                BIOL 3407 – General Ecology
                BIOL 4400 – Plant Taxonomy

      Physical Science Electives - four hours from:
                CHEM 3403 – Organic Chemistry I
                CHEM 3404 – Organic Chemistry II
                GEOL 3408 – Geographic Information Systems
                GEOL 4406 – Hydrology
                GEOL 4407 – Oceanography

      Non-Science Electives - three hours from:
                GEOG 3305– Human Geography
                GEOG/HIST 3318 – Environmental History of US
                ECON 3331 – Environmental Economics

     Additional Requirements:
                *MATH 1306 – Elementary Statistics
                *MSCI 3101 – Faith and Science
                CHEM 1401 – General Chemistry I
                CHEM 1402 – General Chemistry I