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Why not Hilary?

By Daniel Fitzgerald

     As the 2008 Presidential election draws near, the main party candidates for the Republican and Democratic Parties will be decided.
      With Super Tuesday Jan. 29 only a day away, one must wonder who will be left standing when all the primaries are done. One must also ask them self who they will vote for and understand the reasons why they vote a certain way.
      A highly impacting factor, especially for college students, is discussing political matters with others. I have noticed a recent phenomenon sweeping our own campus. Whenever the name of Hillary Clinton is mentioned it is followed by sneers and insults, which leads me to wonder why a majority of people on this campus dislike Hillary so much?
      I don’t mind if you don’t like her, but you need to be able to provide me with some policies, facts and specific reasons why you don’t like her. Each person has a right to their own opinion, but I challenge you to understand why you feel a certain way.
      Everyone knows that West Texas is predominately Republican, and a lot of times when someone supports a candidate that is different from the norm they are criticized.
      I’m not writing this to say that I support Hillary or any other candidate, but instead I write this to urge you to know why you vote a certain way — so that next time I hear you complain about Hillary or anyone else, it will be a well supported argument.

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