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Students should get involved and show respect

     Spring is a very hectic time and everyone is very tired, myself included. But just because we are all tired does not mean we have to give up and quit trying. I am tired of people not caring or doing anything on this campus. People complain about every little thing, how Wayland doesn’t do this or this place looks bad. Well, get up and do something about it!!!!! There are several organizations on campus that will gladly help you try and fix things to make Wayland a better place for you and everyone else. One of those organizations is Senate, and I am sure others will be glad to have you participate in their activities as well. But if you do decide to be involved, don’t just be a warm body at the meeting because it looks good on your resume. Make sure you are actively involved, helping, and participating in meetings and activities.
      If Wayland students want change and want to make our campus better, you must show you care. There are things being done to make this campus better, but when the administration looks at our student body and no one cares to see it done, why should they? The money can and will go somewhere else where people appreciate it. So, if you are unhappy with things at Wayland, that is your own fault for not showing that you care and want changes.
      It would also be nice of young men to remove their caps when entering Chapel, there are signs posted as you enter, and it is respectful when you are in a service to do so. We do not ask but for an hour of your time a week. One hour, if that. Other Christian universities ask for at least three if not more. During this ONE hour of your time, you should be respectful to the speaker, who is INVITED and not compete for attention against them. This includes talking over them and using your cell phones. Everyone has them but it is very disrespectful to text during a service. Most people know and respect speakers and God enough to NOT text during a time devoted to Him. It would show a lot of character for student to put up their cell phones, be quiet, and at least look like you are paying attention during this ONE hour Wayland asks of you. There are quite a few students who go to Chapel, not because it is required but because they WANT to be there.
      You should also be respectful of your fellow students enough to not interrupt their time while they are trying to learn and worship our Lord.
      So, next time you are sitting around with your friends complaining about how bad Wayland Baptist University is and how bad you want to get out of this place, ask yourself when was the last time you did something for your school to make it better.

— Kelsey Beggs