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Water line breaks, soaks Owen

By: Hayley Cox/Editor

     The soldering on a water line broke early Wednesday morning, leaving several rooms in Owen Hall soaked.
      According to Dean Tipton, the water heaters in both Ferguson and Owen Hall were due for replacement. Maintenance replaced both water heaters Tuesday and later found a small leak in one of the water lines in Owen. Maintenance workers re-soldering the line to the water heater.
     “They checked it again about nine o’clock that night and it was fine,” Dean Tipton said.
      However, sometime in the wee hours of Wednesday morning the soldering weakened again, causing flooding in about nine rooms downstairs near the laundry room.
     “There was a half inch (of standing water) in some rooms,” Dean Tipton said.
      Workers removed the water and let the rooms dry out with large fans. According to Dean Tipton, the residents moved back into their rooms Thursday and Friday.