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One nation, one mindset

By: Daniel Fitzgerald

     When I say American, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?
For me, many different words flow through my head. At the top of the list is selfish and close-minded. When I say this I do not mean to stereo-type or generalize, but the majority of people, and yes, even me, are greedy, stubborn Americans.
      You might be asking yourself, what has caused this mind set in America? I believe it is the constant handouts and spoon-fed information that has slowly consumed our country and has created a people who are not appreciative for what they have.
      People believe what they are told and no longer search for the answers. America was built on hope, freedom and hard work. These three things are just a few things that 21st Century Americans have forgotten.
      We must open our minds and challenge ourselves. Now days we would rather rent a DVD than read a book.
      The introduction of the Internet in the mid-nineties has had both negative and positive impacts, especially on Americans.
      One of the negative aspects of it is the pace at which one can receive information. This high-speed information mind set has made us lazy, and we expect everything to be easy. If we continue to spoon feed answers, our next generation will be worse and so on.
      It is the lack of work-ethic, new ideas and determination that will be this country’s down-fall. We must move beyond our indifference and apathy and strive for something greater.
      I challenge you to read new books, watch the news and search out the answers. Do not cut someone down for disagreeing with you — instead debate and discuss and challenge each-other.
      If you cannot see an issue from both ways than you will not know what you believe or why you believe it. If we do the not see life through someone else’s eyes and appreciate a view opposite of our own we will as a nation continue down this path.