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Memoirs of student teaching:

Going back to secondary school presents new challenges for student teachers

By: Victoria Priest/Staff Writer

     My name is Victoria and I am a student teacher.
      To most people it doesn’t sound that horrible, but to be an actual student teacher is brutal. I went into the school thinking that I had this education thing down, but I was dead wrong.
      I can tell you the levels of Blooms Taxonomy and the different learning modalities, but when it comes to making a student do what they don’t want to, I am completely lost.
      This past week was the first time that I taught the class by myself and the students held nothing back. I dealt with fights, back talk, people in the wrong class and massive amounts of sick students. I definitely got my money’s worth.
      Not only is student teaching pushing me mentally, it is also pushing me physically. I had gotten into the habit of staying up late and sleeping in even later. Now if I want to be to at the school on time I have to be in bed no later than 10:30, which is difficult.
      I am always tired and have been sick for the past week. Those students are little petri dishes, carrying every germ imaginable.
      Despite all these hardships, I love it. I love knowing that I help students gain knowledge, that I am helping them to become productive members of society. I know that this experience will make me a better teacher and for that I am thankful.

By: Daniel Fitzgerald

     As my college experience comes to an end, there is one massive hurdle standing in my way: student teaching. I am currently in my fourth week of student-teaching at Plainview High School, and I am teaching sophomore World History.
      As a college student, one gets stuck in their ways of going to class for an hour and then taking an hour nap and then lunch, work and then another nap, wake up and then do homework. Well I got a big wake up call when my student teaching experience began.
      At first it was a hard transition from the college classroom to the high school classroom, but this time on the opposite side of the desk. Although, this experience has been positive, student teaching presents one with an interesting dilemma. As a student teacher you feel like neither a college student nor a teacher.
      I feel as if I am caught in a world in between that I must pay my dues and then be allowed to cross to the other side. Even though student teaching is very hard work and time consuming, I believe that it is preparing me greatly for when I have to enter my own classroom next year.