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Local churches provide Fall Break excursions

By Daniel Fitzgerald

     As Fall Break quickly approaches, so grows the excitement of students to get a break from classes, hang out with friends or go home to visit family.
      Usually many students attend the Fall Break Retreat to Glorieta hosted by the Baptist Student Ministries. However, the yearly BSM trip is cancelled. Instead, many local churches are hosting an activity for the break.
     “Until recently the local churches always provided various activities during fall break,” BSM director Donnie Brown said. “The BSM began to do the retreat to provide students something to do when the churches stopped doing their activities.
     “The churches have once again decided to provide activities for the students, so the BSM is not doing the retreat this year.”
      First Baptist Church will be going on a camping trip to Palo Duro Canyon. Stonebridge Fellowship will be going to Glorieta for a weekend of fun and relaxation.
Although many students enjoy these activities, there are many students who have not yet gone home and are eager to see their families.
     “I live so far away that fall break provides me with the opportunity to go home for the first time this semester, and I cannot wait,” Junior Jessica Riemersma of Phoenix, Ariz. said.
      So remember if you are staying in Plainview during Fall Break, remember to check with your local church to see what they are doing.