Lighting the Way since 1953  
Inhabited in concert on Wed., Feb. 13

By: Megan Wimberley

     In 1999 a Houston church saw the creation of a praise and worship band started by Sara Delight and her brother Marcus Acker. The two siblings had no real plans for their band besides worship music in their church. It seems, however, that bigger things were at work.
      In 2003 the band known as Inhabited came out with their first Christian Rock album titled Innerview. The album was produced independently. Since then the band has had been signed with several labels.
      Currently Inhabited is singed with 7 Spin Records. They are due to release their third album, Love, on February 26. The band members themselves write all of the music and lyrics for Inhabited.
      Sara has an uncompromising passion to reach people with strait-forward honesty. Instead of running from the taboo issues she faces them head on and often speaks about them at the bands concerts. This direct way of speaking out about issues, as well as a huge theme of love and forgiveness is clearly heard in Inhabited’s lyrics.
      On February 13 Inhabited will make their way to Wayland for a free concert. It will start at 7 p.m. in Harral Auditorium, and is open to the public.