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Focus on Service:

This one's for the girls

By: Megan Wimberley

     Imagine for a moment that you are 16 years old. You’re just getting your drivers license and finally gaining some independence from Mom and Dad. It seems like things are finally going the way you’ve always wanted them to, and then you find out you’re pregnant.
      Okay, now imagine that you’re a 23-year-old married woman. You’re not ready for children; in fact you and your husband can hardly pay the bills or even put enough food on the table for just the two of you, but you are pretty sure that you’re pregnant.
     “How am I going to support a baby when I can hardly support myself?,” you think.
For many women this has been their story, some of them are 30 or 18 or even 15. Some of them are married and some of them aren’t. Some have had to deal with the horror of rape.
      These women need a light to shine into their dark world. They need hope that someone will care enough to help them through the difficult times ahead.

     That is what Compassionate Care Pregnancy Center (CCPC) is here to do. CCPC is a Christian outreach. Their goal is to provide emotional and practical support to both current and expectant mothers.
      Assistance is free, and the program is run almost completely by volunteers. CCPC informs clients about prenatal development and abortion. CCPC does not support, recommend, provide, or make referrals for abortions. Instead CCPC tries to inform clients of other options, whether it be adoption or raising the baby. CCPC does not have a bias on any of the lifesaving methods and does not receive funding from adoption agencies or other such organizations.
      The director of Plainview’s CCPC is SuNell Pyeatt. There are also two other staff members and about five regular volunteers. The volunteers usually come once to twice a week. Volunteers start out sorting baby clothes and cleaning.
If a volunteer wants to do volunteer counseling they must go through training that lasts at least one month. Counselors give guidance on what ever the person needs.       They also provide free pregnancy tests. Counselors encourage unmarried women to remain abstinent until they are married. They also explain to the clients what options they have, as well as providing emotional support.
      CCPC also provides women with baby cloths and diapers. They also give a basket of new cloths for newborns.
      One of CCPC’s main goals is to share the message of Christ. Therefore, counseling experiences and gifts are used as a starting point to share this message.
      Also, since this is a Christian based outreach, volunteers must be Christians. They are expected to be an example of Christ likeness in word and deed. A volunteer also needs to be someone that is caring and good at listening as well as talking comfortably with people. Volunteers need to be mature and prepared for the unexpected.
      This is the type of service that can really put you out of your comfort zone, because it puts you out in the real world as imperfect as that can be.
      One last thing: volunteers need to be women. However, if a man is really set on helping this organization I’m sure they could put you to work doing yard work.
For more information call 806-296-5000 or 806-296-5048.