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Fantastic food at Frisco's

By Megan Wimberley/Staff Writer

     Today I met a woman, Sandra Hinojosa. She greeted me with a smiling face, and her young daughter, Daphnie, greeted me with a curious eye.
      Hinojosa and her mother, also Sandra Hinojosa, are the managers of a locally owned bakery called Frisco Bakery.
      The bakery was started a little more than 45 years ago by Hinojosa’s grandfather. It was located on Fourth Street and started out selling only bread and a little menudo. The bakery had exactly one table.
      However, in 1995 Frisco Bakery moved to 601 E. Sixth Street, where it is currently located. The bakery added many items when it moved, and now sells a wide variety of pastries, ranging from empanadas to yoyos. Hinojosa’s personal favorite is the moyetes, a sponge bread topped with a sweet white paste.
      If you’re not in the mood for sweets you can try the carne guisada, which Hinojosa suggests for first time visitors, and I must say I agree. Frisco bakery has many other options such as barbacoa and breakfast burritos.
      All of the food is made fresh each day. The baker arrives at 2:00 in the morning to make fresh pastries. Frisco Bakery is open Wednesday through Sunday 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. (the drive-through opens at 5 a.m.).
      The bakery is already an affordable place to eat, but also offers Wayland students a 10 percent discount with ID. If you want to break out of the rut of eating in the only three restaurants that you know of, then try out the Frisco Bakery. I think you will be very impressed.
      Oh, and don’t worry — they have more than one table now.