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Fabian wins crown

Seven men compete in tight competition

By:  Stephanie Wright/Assistant Editor

     Mr. Wayland 2007, Dean Kellum, the self-proclaimed “most studliest man” at Wayland, issued a plea for the judges to find the second most studliest man to reign with “honor, strength, and most of all, studliness — the Wayland way” at Friday night’s Mr. Wayland pageant.

     The theme for this spoof was chosen from 1993’s cult classic Robin Hood: Men in Tights while the opening number issued forth uproarious laughs as Jordan Nelson, Joshua Rumbaugh, Fabian Franco, Timothy Drew, Bradley Sell, Colt Mason and Benjamin Cox strutted their stuff and proved that real men CAN wear tights.

     Following flips and crazy antics by the contestants, the Sports Wear competition ranged from a Super Mario Brother’s get-up to extreme ironing and Rockem’ Sockem’ robot attire. A wide variety of talent followed.

     “When God was handing out spiritual gifts, beauty was not the one he gave me,” Jordan Nelson said.

     Still, Jordan, the People’s Choice, bared his legs in a kilt as he mixed magic with a wardrobe from the land of his ancestors, Scotland. 

     Other talent included Fabian Franco with his rendition of the classic Napoleon Dynamite dance and Joshua Rumbaugh singing “Anything You Can Do” from Annie Get Your Gun as a Schizophrenic warrior hunter.

     The Evening Wear competition showed just how studly the contestants could be. While Junior Ben Cox brought out the bling-bling and his borrowed girlfriend, Colt rode his hog onto the stage and Fabian continued his tight-wearing ways as he appeared as a prince.

     At last Dean Kellum said his goodbyes and ended his reign as Mr. Wayland with his final performance. Wayland showed their appreciation for his reign as they cheered on their favorite “white and nerdy” guy.

     As his reign ended he crowned the new Mr. Wayland, Fabian Franco. Second runner up was Colt Mason while first runner up was Bradley Sell. 

     This was the second year Fabian went out for Mr. Wayland.

     “I want to be the representative for Wayland … on the men’s side,” he said.

     Having his wish fulfilled by being crowned as Mr. Wayland, Fabian said he has also made some new friends through this experience as well as having learned that you can still be manly in tights.

     With Valentine’s Day coming up, Fabian still has no plans for Singles Awareness Day. Though he might not throw out his best pick-up line “Hey” with a nod and smile all the time, this Prince Charming is still looking for his Princess to have dinner with him on the roof of Caprock.

    Any takers?