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Focus on Service

By: Megan Wimberley

     Ok, so you read the last “Focus on Service” article and said to yourself, “hmmm, old people… not really my thing.” To this I say, how about hungry people?
      There is an organization for Hale County called FISH (Faith in Sharing House) that was started in 1985 by several churches that saw a need for people to be fed. Instead of the churches giving food to people directly they could send the hungry to FISH. FISH feeds 720 people a month.
      To help minimize people coming by to get free food when they don’t really need it, FISH requires the families to get a letter signed by a church or government agency. Once they have a signed letter the family comes in and a FISH volunteer counsels them and explains that FISH is giving them food in the name of Jesus as a gift from God. This initial setup is the main part in which a FISH volunteer can share their faith with the families.
      Once this happens the family can come in to get food. They are given food such as rice, beans, corn, and eggs (when available). Unfortunately, with so many people to feed, they are only allowed to come once a month and the food they get lasts about three days at the most.
      For more information on how you can serve FISH, call 293-8008.