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Disk golf coming

By: Ana Edelstein

     Disk golf is coming to Wayland.
      Dr. Starnes, Student Activities, and Wayland alumni Shawn Huber are planning where the disk golf holes will be placed. Shawn Huber, a youth counselor for MHMR, has volunteered to officially organize disk golf.
     “We are trying to place the holes away from parking lots to avoid hitting cars,” Dr. Starnes said.
      One of the 13 main areas they are planning to use for disk golf is the wide open area by Gates Hall and McDonald Hall. Dr. Starnes is enthusiastic about the disk golf course coming to Wayland.
     “Disk golf is a sport where people compete, just like in any other sport. Somebody on campus could be the next Tiger Woods of disk golf,” Dr. Starnes said.
      It is unknown as to when the disk golf course will be built on the campus.
     “We already have a score card and map layout of the holes that is nearly complete,” Dr. Starnes said.
      The Plainview Rotary Club wants to make disk golf a project for the community. The Rotary Club wants to donate to the school for the disk golf project, which may cost nearly $10,000. They also want to help with managing tournaments.
      Dr. Starnes is a member of the Rotary Club, and they plan to start Rotaract, a young adult club like Rotary on campus.