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Degree of Difference Day diaries

     I was very excited to get the opportunity to participate in Degree of Difference Day. I love community service and the thought of the faculty, staff, and student body getting out and serving the community and the Lord together was amazing!
      Though I was quite taken aback by the briskness of the weather that morning, I was geared up and ready. When we got to our place, there was just five of us, and it didn’t seem like there was much to do. We painted the door frame of a building. I know, very anticlimactic.
      But I was very taken in when I learned what the building was. It was a center for adolescent drug users to go and get counseling.
      It might not seem like splashing on a little paint was very fulfilling, but when I think of what we really did — how we helped that building, even in the smallest way look more welcoming and inviting to those who might be hesitant to walk in their doors — I felt better. Sometimes all we need is a little perspective on things.
      After that — yay for Grandma’s Cookies — we went and helped in the basement of the museum cleaning up sawdust. I felt really dumb when I walked out of the basement and was still seeing dust everywhere. Everyone was looking at me crazy when I said that, like the dust was going to my heading and impairing my mental faculties or something.
      Well, come to find out, we glasses people just consider our “nerdy feature” an extension of ourselves, so I did kick myself when I realized it was my glasses that were a little foggy not my mind!
      Overall, it was a great day. Even if we helped in the slightest way, we should be glad we represented the love this university has to give to others. — Stephanie Wright/Staff Writer

This year at Degree of Difference Day I painted at Wee Care. I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to meet others in the community and serve alongside my fellow peers. Also, it taught me that I should not just set aside a day for service, but that I serve within the community wherever I can everyday. — Daniel Fitzgerald/Staff Writer

     My first assignment was pretty easy. I started at the Girl Scout Hut. My partner and I helped trim trees around the building, which only took about an hour. It was nice to see all the improvements in the facility, considering I’d been a Girl Scout for 13 years.
      When we finished up there, we were sent to deliver a ladder to the Wee Care Center and sack lunches to other service sites. I’ll admit that I didn’t eat a sack lunch myself. (I’ve had plenty of plain ham sandwiches from childhood field trips to last me a good while.)
      My partner and I stayed for a while to help at Happy Union Baptist Church. They were painting the inside of their activities center, which was a pretty large building. I stayed for nearly two hours and only finished a small portion of railing, but I had to leave for work before seeing it all finished. — Hayley Cox/Editor

On Degree of Difference Day, I had the opportunity to work at the Compassionate Care Center. With a team of about a dozen, we painted their office building. Now it looks as good as new. It was an amazing day for the whole team. — Anita Mamy