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Conclave prepares students for ministry

By Daniel Fitzgerald/Staff Writer

     Each year “The Youth Minister” or the “Youth Ministry” classes taught by Dr. Gary Manning go to The Youth Ministers Conclave in Arlington.
      This year the conclave begins today and runs through Wednesday, Oct. 10. The Conclave provides students taking these courses a glimpse into what’s happening within youth ministry. It is designed for youth ministers all over Texas to come together in one place to obtain knowledge, information and resources that will be of valuable application to their various ministries back home.
      Throughout the week there are a couple of main sessions each day that are led by a worship band and a speaker. This year the worship will be led by The Charlie Hall Band.
      The Conclave provides a variety of breakout sessions from which to choose. The sessions include topics about the different branches of ministry, specific ministry strategies and various resource sessions, including the use of technology.
      Each year the group of WBU students that attend stand out among the crowd, because they are one of the few university student groups at the Conclave.
      Many of the students that attend are already either youth ministers or involved within youth ministry in one way or another.
      Senior Christopher Martin, who is currently the Youth Minister at First United Methodist Tulia, has attended the Youth Conclave the last two years.
     “I especially enjoyed the break out sessions, because they were very informative,” Martin said.
      Another great aspect of the Conclave is the community of ministry it provides. There are many opportunities for students to see the newest resources and build relationships with others who have the same passion in life. For Martin this is one of his favorite aspects.
     “I loved the relationships and community of other Youth Ministers that I met at the Conclave,” he said.