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Change needed for good or bad

By: Daniel Fitzgerald/Staff Writer

     With Super Tuesday taking place about a week ago, much has been decided within the Democratic and Republican parties. Super Tuesday is when more than 20 state primaries take place.
      Obama ended up with more states than Clinton by winning 14 compared to her eight. Even though Obama won more states, Hillary won states that were more important and consisted of more delegates with states such as California and New York. Hillary Clinton has a slight lead over Obama, but in political terms they are basically tied.
      On the Republican side it looks like the candidate chosen will most likely be John McCain. So the question I raise to you is: which democratic candidate will have a better chance against McCain?
      I personally think that Obama will beat McCain, whereas Hillary will lose to him. I say this because Hillary will struggle in the western states and McCain will win them. Meanwhile Obama is very popular amongst the west and this will play to his advantage and leave McCain scattered in northern and western states and some of the evangelical southern vote.
      History can testify that Democrats have a major advantage this election. When either party has been in office for a while, especially the same candidate, they usually begin to lose popularity, and the other party will be voted in the next election because of people’s hope to bring change.
      Change — a word that is familiar, but still sparks fear in most of us — is the very word that Presidential candidates such as Kennedy, both Bill and Hillary Clinton and Obama have based their presidential platforms on. This word, simple but complex, has stirred up a nation who is reaching out for more.
      Will this change lead us into the future, or will it once again like so many before leave us empty handed?

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