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Hutcherson floor get makeover

By Sean Ditmore/sports writer

While construction may still be underway on the new recreation center, the university has welcomed students back this fall with a renovated floor in the Hutcherson Center.

The floor, which is cleaned, buffed and finished every year, had all of the finish and paint stripped off down to the original maple. It was then refinished and repainted.
While the work, which was done by Ponder Inc., took place in August, the decision making process occurred during the first part of the summer.

Athletic Director Dr. Greg Feris pointed out that the finish on the floor was beginning to yellow, and that this was “the right time” for renovation. Dr. Feris estimated the cost of the job at around $20,000.

Student reaction to the floor has been positive.

“It’s a nice upgrade,” sophomore Kevin Weller said.

Many have drawn contrasts between its current condition and what it looked like in recent years.

“It’s a definite improvement from the past…it’s legit,” junior Adam Perea said.

The wood floor was laid in the mid-eighties. It was last stripped to the original wood nine years ago.