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Parking violations will cost students    

By Daniel Fitzgerald/staff writer

Have you ever walked out to your car, got in, and as you began to leave, noticed a paper on the windshield, flapping in the wind? Pay attention closely if this situation has not yet happened to you.

Parking violations officially began Sept. 4. Wayland issues various levels of parking permits each year to anyone parking on campus. The different levels are:

  • Visitor zone, which does not require a sticker, but like the name states is for visitors only.
  • Zone A, for administration, staff and faculty
  • Zone C, for commuters
  • Zone D, for all on-campus resident students.

Zone A can park in any zones, but visitors and students with zone C and D stickers can only park in the zone written on their sticker. Parking in a different zone than stated on the sticker — or not having a sticker at all — will result in a $10 fine. If the fine is not paid by a certain date, $15 will be charged to the offender’s account.

Graduate student Steven Rothschild — a.k.a. the Citation Enforcement Officer — enforces the parking by walking around campus and writing tickets to those parked in the wrong zone.

“I get paid to exercise and it’s an easy job,” Rothschild said.

Rothschild, also known as Scuba Steve, a nickname given to him by a friend and inspired by the movie Big Daddy, has held this title for 6 years and has enjoyed his job very much.

Although the job might appear to be the perfect one on campus, it does have its tough times. But Rothschild enjoys the power.

“I have the ability to move large vehicles with the lift of a pen,” he said.

Though he doesn’t mind writing a lot of tickets, he wants people to respect the rules and park in the appropriate zone.

“Don’t irritate me or else your car will be towed,” he said.

However, Rothschild disclosed a secret to help students get on his good side.

“I am willing to be bribed with Reeses peanut butter cups.”

Photo by Daniel Fitzgerald/Trail Blazer

Citation enforcement officer Steven Rothschild places a ticket on an illegally parked vehicle. As of Sept. 4, parking violations will result in a $10 fine.