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Students get rest, relaxation during Labor Day weekend

By Daniel Fitzgerald/staff writer

No class, sleeping in and hanging out with friends and families — these are just a few of the things that most students do during Labor Day weekend.

This weekend provided students with both a time to relax and a break from classes. I personally went camping with some friends at Palo Duro Canyon on Sunday, Sept. 2.

Hiking, sleeping on the hard ground and eating an endless supply of smores were all things I enjoyed this Labor Day weekend. Because of the extra day off, many students had the opportunity to go home for the first time since the beginning of school.

Senior Todd Dawson was one of the many students who savored this holiday.

“This weekend gave me a time to catch up on both homework and sleep,” Dawson said.

Also, another important part of Labor Day is eating great food.

“I love to barbecue and this break gave me a time to gather together with friends and have a cookout,” Dawson said.

So now that the holiday is over, it is back to the books and work hard until the next break, which will be Fall Break on October 18-21.