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Connected: Students receive e-mail accounts

By Hayley Cox/editor

Wayland has been planning it for two years, and it’s finally here.

Students now have active e-mail accounts through the university. The new accounts facilitate communication between students and faculty, especially if an emergency arises.

Katrina Smith, director of Information Technology, said the entire student body of the Hawaii campus could be e-mailed in the event of a hurricane, for example. Plus, students are not always easy to reach.

“The problem is some students change e-mails a lot,” Smith said. “This e-mail will always exist.”

Students were contacted either by their personal e-mail or by mail about their new accounts. The accounts are hosted through Windows Live and offer several other features:

  • Windows Live Messenger
  • Windows Live Spaces: This feature allows students to create e-profiles to share information, photos, blogs, and more
  • Windows Live for mobile devices
  • Windows Live Expo: This feature allows for buying and selling stuff within your campus and alumni community
  • Calendar, address book and calendar sharing
  • Accessibility from MacIntosh computers
  • 2 GB of e-mail storage
  • Forwarding of e-mail to another e-mail account

Additional information and instructions on using WBU e-mail and other on-line services will be available in the Help section of IQ Web at, as well as through the on-line Help in Virtual Campus.

Students are expected to check their account regularly. Even after the student graduates, the account will remain active to receive alumni information.
For more information or questions, call Katrina Smith at 291-3557.


Photo by Michelle Sanders/Trail Blazer

A student checks her new Wayland e-mail account, which was made a reality after two years.