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Voting gives right to complain

By Danile Fitzgerald/staff writer


Have you ever complained or heard someone else complain about the President, the government or anything else to do with politics in America?

I am personally very tired of hearing complaints about current affairs in America quickly followed by the words, “My vote does not matter anyway.”

If you do not vote, I don’t want to hear your complaints about the government, because you did not speak when it mattered. The ability to voice one’s opinions, beliefs and yes, even complaints, is the key element of a democratic society.

But if we, especially as college students, silence our voices and don’t share our opinions and don’t realize that it’s OK to disagree with others, then we are just post-modernist robots believing everything we are told.

Whether Republican or Democratic or Independent party, I would propose that you don’t vote a certain way because your parents did or because the area you live in votes a certain way. Yes, I agree that these things can have a positive impact on your vote, but don’t let them think or make the decision for you.

You as a citizen of the United States have the right to vote. So don’t waste it because you’re afraid you will be disowned because you vote opposite of everyone else. Don’t vote differently or be opposite for the sake of being different or opposite. Instead, research and investigate who or what you’re voting for so when the day comes and someone challenges your opinions and complaints, you know why you believe that certain way and are able to defend it.

So next time you complain or share your opinion with others, know the facts to back your feelings.

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