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Retreat helps prepare students for ministry

By Daniel Fitzgerald/staff writer

Daniel Fitzgerald/Trail Blazer

Students pray and discuss together during the Misterial Retreat this past weekend at Ceta Canyon.


Each year both religion and religious education majors and minors and anyone receiving the ministerial scholarship take the class Introduction to Baptist Ministry.

In the class students are taught both the history of the Baptist denomination and how to serve as a minister within the church and society. The class is taught by Wayland’s Director of Church Services Michael Summers.

“The class prepares you both spiritually, but also about various other elements about ministry,” freshman Josh Burgett said.

One of the activities that go hand in hand with the class is the annual Ministerial Retreat. Even though the retreat is mainly for Intro. To Baptist Ministry students, all students are encouraged to come. This year’s retreat took place at the Ceta Canyon Campground.

Burgett said he enjoyed the weekend.

“I really liked when Dr. Manning spoke,” Burgett said. “He inspired us to listen and feel God’s presence.”

The retreat provides a time for students to come together and become familiar with the Religion Department. Religion professors as well attend, introducing and guiding students through the fundamentals of ministry. Students are led in various Bible studies and others activities throughout the two-day retreat.

The retreat, like the class, is designed help students grow in their faith, but also to come together in accountability.