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BSM Fall Revival kicks off this week

By Lauren Shipman/staff writer

WBU’s annual Fall Revival kicked off Sunday evening with returning guests Jeff Mangum and the Jeff Johnson Band.

Mangum, the lead pastor at The Vista Community Church in Round Rock, Texas, spoke at Wayland’s Saw You at the Pole Rally in 2004. Likewise, the Jeff Johnson Band played the same event and has returned to West Texas for this year’s revival.
According to Baptist Student Ministries President Tamara Haney, the BSM has adopted the message of the Jeff Johnson Band’s song “Ruin Me” as their theme for the year.

“Students can just come to experience God and just be in his presence,” Haney said. “It’s a reminder that even though we’re so busy ... our purpose is to serve him and let him ‘ruin us.’ Really, it’s a time just to uplift and refresh.”

Unlike past revivals, this year’s event and See You at the Pole fall within the same week. As a result, Wednesday night’s revival service will coincide with the annual Saw You at the Pole Rally.

The Fall Revival will be held every night through Wednesday, September 26, at 7 p.m. in Harral Auditorium.