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Should Plainview sell alcohol?

By Blanca Medina/staff writer

No one really knows whether or not selling alcohol in Plainview will make a dramatic change. That’s just the chance that some Plainview citizens are willing to make.
Citizens signed a petition to decide in November whether or not Plainview should be allowed to sell alcohol. There are many things to consider in this case.

So far, Plainview has been fine without alcohol. In my honest opinion it isn’t necessary, because some people abuse the intake of alcohol. Some people can handle having a drink after a long day or on occasion.

The issue here is that teenagers and alcohol abusers will have access to alcohol. The chances of a higher crime rate and drunk drivers in Plainview may potentially increase.

Plainview’s citizens have made an effort to reach the souls of the younger generation. It is no secret that not everyone chooses the right path. The beautiful thing about our community is that we have churches with active church members almost everywhere you turn.

Little by little I have seen an improvement on individuals being reached by someone who wants to make a difference. For example, the First Assembly of God holds the Hell House once a year to demonstrate the reality of how destructive drugs and alcohol can be in your life. It seems to be very effective. Since it began, it is the talk of the school at that time of year.

I know that for me, it has made me look at things in a whole different perspective when it comes to consuming alcohol. Sometimes things have to be put in a realistic point of view for some people to see the truth behind things.

It may be that for some of Plainview’s citizens it isn’t a big deal, and they could really care less. The truth is it will affect our city in a way that will make it harder to influence an alcohol-free lifestyle.

Currently, if someone who lives in Plainview wants to buy alcoholic beverages, it is a thirty minute drive. They will make that effort when they really want to. This may be an inconvenience for others because of financial matters. Gas prices are very high, and alcohol can be pricey.

Maybe this isn’t a bad thing, because it gives someone the chance to realize that drinking alcohol may not be worth it after all.

In other cases, it is worth it, according to statistics on alcohol consumption in Texas.
More than twenty percent of our counties in Texas are dry. Texans still consume their fair share of alcohol. In 2002, each Texan consumed an average of 26 gallons of beer, 1 gallon of liquor, 1.5 gallons of wine and 1.2 gallons of malt liquor. There is no telling how much that has increased today.

Plainview can be an outstanding city for many reasons. Being a dry county is a distinctive quality that Plainview holds today.

Just as people can influence others, communities can also influence other communities. We want to remain proud citizens of Plainview in the aspect that we strive for a better and healthier lifestyle. It may not seem fair to the adults who don’t drink excessively, but it is a sad but true fact that alcohol is a bad influence and a destructive drug in a lot of people’s lives.

Plainview is home to many outstanding people. Would we rather be a part of the wet county percentage in Texas, or would we rather remain in the unique percentage? My fear is having to witness people from my home town fall under the statistics of alcohol-related tragedies.

Sometimes change isn’t always for the better. So ask yourselves, should Plainview become a wet city?

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