BA in Religion from Wayland Baptist University, Plainview, TX
BD in Biblical Studies from Golden Gate Theological Seminary , Mill Valley, CA
ThM in Ethics from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Louiville, KY
PhD in Ethics from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Louiville, KY

Dr. D. Glenn Saul has been an integral part of the Wayland system since 1997. He began as Director of the Sierra Vista campus and then he served as the Director of the Phoenix Campus before accepting the position of Vice President for Academic Services (Plainview, TX). After five and a half years as Vice President, Dr. Saul has now returned to Phoenix to serve as Professor of Religion. Dr. Saul has a rich background of academic excellence, having also served at Golden Gate Seminary in Mill Valley, CA (San Francisco area). Dr. Saul has been actively involved in writing and professional publications. Besides serving as Professor of Religion, Dr. Saul also serves as academic advisor for all religion majors and minors and he is the official lisiason between Wayland Baptist University and the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention. Dr. Saul's breadth of experience as a professor, pastor, administrator, and writer gives our students skills for the practical implementation of ministry. Dr. Saul teaches Old Testament and New Testament History as well as graduate and undergraduate religion courses.
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