Why go to Wayland Baptist University-Clovis/CAFB campus for achieving your educational goals?

Here is what some of our recent graduates had to say about their educational journey at WBU-Clovis:


“I went to the Education Services Center to check out my options. I wanted to become a teacher and get a teaching certificate. They recommended Wayland. When I went to talk to the Wayland representatives, they looked at my credits, and that made up my mind – how many of my credits they would accept.”

Waller said she appreciated the spiritual environment of the school.

“I like how friendly everybody is. Almost everyone is willing to help you. Teachers are willing to work with you. And it’s actually kind of refreshing to hear the teachers talk about God. It was actually fun learning about the Old and New Testament.”

Her future plans include Wayland, at this point.

“I would like to continue with my master’s degree through Wayland, if the opportunity presents itself. I’m sold on Wayland. I’ve been recommending Wayland to everybody who asks me how my studies are going. It’s been great.” – Doreen Waller


 “I like the class sizes. You get a better feel for the instructors, and it makes for a really good learning environment. Being military, the instructors at Wayland are willing to work with you if you have to be deployed. And Wayland’s 11-week schedule makes it easy to finish up on time.” – Noel Enrique “Ric” Ramirez

“I like the instructors. They give you more one-on-one instruction, and they’re very knowledgeable in what they’re presenting. I also like the classroom environment. It all makes you feel comfortable in expressing yourself.” – Susan Ramirez


 “Wayland gives us room to grow. Wayland looks at issues deeper than any college I’ve been to. Wayland sees more of you than what’s on the surface.”

Convenience brought Atchley to Wayland in the first place.

“I didn’t want to have to walk all over a big campus,” he said. “The other thing is that I came looking for God. There were answers I didn’t feel comfortable getting anywhere else – and I found them here.” – Raymond Atchley, age 51