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Why Chemistry?

The chemistry program is designed to meet the needs of students who wish to continue study in chemistry at the graduate level, work in the chemical industry, teach science at the secondary school level, or to prepare to enter one of the health science professions or allied health fields.

Chemistry Requirements
-The major requires 40 hours, of which a minimum of 28 are upper
division. A grade of C or better is required in the 28 hour Chemistry major core courses.
*MATH 2306 is required as a prerequisite for CHEM 4405 and CHEM 4406. **MATH
1306 Elementary Statistics, MSCI 2311 Scientific Computing, and MSCI 3101 Faith
and Science are required courses for all math and science majors. ***Only 4 hours from
MSCI 4X03 and MSCI 4360 may be counted towards the 12 hours of chemistry electives.
MATH 1306 and MSCI 2311 can each be used to fulfill three hours of general education
and degree core requirements in math and computer literacy, respectively.

CHEM 1401 – General Chemistry I
CHEM 1402 – General Chemistry II
CHEM 2402 – Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 3403 – Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 3404 – Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 4402 – Biochemistry I
CHEM 4405 – Physical Chemistry I

Twelve hours of chemistry electives from the following:
CHEM 3407 – Instrumental Analysis
CHEM 4403 – Biochemistry II
CHEM 4404 – Geochemistry
CHEM 4406 – Physical Chemistry II
***MSCI 4X03 – Undergraduate Research in Chemistry (variable hours)
***MSCI 4360 – Thesis and Presentation

Additional requirements include:
**MATH 1306 – Elementary Statistics
*MATH 2306 – Calculus I
**MSCI 2311 – Scientific Computing
**MSCI 3101 – Faith and Science
BIOL 1401 – General Biology I
BIOL 1402 – General Biology II
eight hours from:
PHYS 1401 – General Physics I
PHYS 1402 – General Physics II
PHYS 2401 – University Physics I
PHYS 2402 – University Physics II


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