Career And Technology Education Major

Why Career and Technology Education?

Career and Technology Education is designed to build upon previous education and experience in a technical field. This major may also be used to prepare individuals to teach technical courses in Texas public schools. If certification is desired, the specialization must be in a career or technical field taught in the state's public school system. Career and Technology certification is available in trade and industrial education.

Career and Technology Education Requirements
The 36-semester hour major includes an 18-semester hour core specified for each career and technology certification area and an 18-semester hour specialization completed from courses in the student's approved occupational/technical field. Of the 36 semester hours required for the major, 18 must be from upper-level courses. All students are required to have RSWR 3345 – Research Writing Methods.

Trades and Industry Programs
Candidates seeking Trade and Industrial Education Certification are required to have:

  1. A high school diploma, associate’s degree, or bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution;
  2. Current licensure, certification, or registration by a nationally recognized accrediting agency as a professional practitioner that is based on a recognized test or measurement
  3. Approval by Wayland Baptist University of three years of wage-earning experience within the past eight years for holders of either the associate or bachelor’s degrees, or five years of wage-earning experience within the past eight years for holders of a high school diploma (holders of bachelor’s degree may substitute experience gained through a formal documented internship for up to 18 months of wage-earning experience)
  4. Passing scores on state basic skills test and certification exam (PPR/TExES) for Trade and Industrial Education for grades 8-12

A student who is pursuing a Texas teaching certificate must complete the following courses for trade and industry:

CTED 4302 - Aims and Objectives of Workforce Development
CTED 4303 - Human Relations for Technical Instructors
CTED 4304 - Designing, Delivering, and Managing Instruction
CTED 4308 - Implementing Instruction and Assessment
CTED 4309 - Fulfilling Professional Roles and Responsibilities
RSWR 3345 - Research Writing Methods

Elective Courses for the Specialization (18 Hours)
BUAD 4334 - Business Ethics
Fifteen hours from the following:
CTED 3321 - Prin. of Supervision for Education and Training
CTED 4316 - The Adult Learner
CTED 4333 - Statistics
CTED 4360 - Internship in Trade and Industrial Instruction I
CTED 4361 - Internship in Trade and Industrial Instruction II
EDIT 4311 - Multimedia and Video Technology
EDIT 4340 - Desktop Publishing and Digital Graphics
EDUC 3313 - Educating Students from Diverse Backgrounds
MGMT 3339 - Theory and Practice of Supervision