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The School of Business is committed to producing graduates who have an understanding of and appreciation for the historic importance of the Christian work ethic in the development of the U.S. economy and how it should be applied in today's business environment.

The School of Business, chaired by Dr. Barry Evans, offers programs in accounting, business administration, economics/finance, health care administration, international management, management information systems, and management/marketing.

The School of Business offers three undergraduate degrees: B.B.A., B.A., and B.A.S.

The School of Business offers two master's programs and one doctorial program, the MBA, MAM, and DMGT. Most of the classes are offered through Virtual Campus, our online program.

Faculty and Staff:
Each business major is assigned an academic advisor (faculty member) and should consult regularly with the advisor to ensure proper course selection. Each faculty member has regular hours to assist students with advising or give students assistance with class work.

Student Opportunities
The Wayland School of Business awards scholarships on the basis of academic excellence, demonstrated qualities of leadership and financial need. The scholarship can be used toward tuition and fees only. The School of Business is able to recommend students for several scholarships that have been provided for business majors.

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