April 18, 2015

El Paso native juggles various activities while at Wayland

How does a math major end up on the theatre stage and in the marching band? At Wayland Baptist University, it’s easy for folks to get involved in just about anything they can squeeze into their schedule.
            Just ask Bobby Hon, a senior from El Paso. Bobby graduates this May from Wayland, a Baptist Christian university, with a degree in math education. His goal is to become a middle school math teacher, bringing to the classroom a few loves.
            “I love working with kids and math was my strongest subject in school. Most people hate it but I’ve really enjoyed it,” he said. “I get excited when kids are excited about math.”
            Bobby came to Wayland in 2005 after graduating from Jesus Chapel in El Paso, a private school where he was involved in sports and many activities. He started out as a vocal performance major but after spending a summer as a camp counselor, he changed his major.
            “I fell in love with kids, but I didn’t want to be a teacher since everyone in my family are teachers,” he said. “But I know I’m called to be a teacher.”
            Though his class routine changed greatly, his love for music didn’t wane, so he remained in the International Choir for most of his six years at Wayland, played trumpet in the Pioneer Band for several years and took four semesters of private voice.
            Early on, through a friend who was involved in Wayland’s theatre department, Hon got involved with the annual production of Shorts, a collection of short plays that are directed and acted by students. His appetite for the stage was whetted even more.
            “I love the stage. There’s a high that comes from the stage that you just don’t get anywhere else,” he laughs. “And all my friends are in theatre, so it came naturally to get involved.”
            Hon was in several larger productions as well as the centennial production of the musical “Man of La Mancha,” a favorite memory since he got to use his vocal skills as well as his acting talent.
            Through all this juggling of class work, extracurriculars and general student life, Hon married music education major Katie Word in August 2009. He has worked at Chili’s in Plainview for three years as well, and he spent this spring semester student teaching at Estacado Junior High. It’s enough to wear out a normal person.
            “I’ve gotten in over my head a few times, but I drank enough caffeine to get me through,” he laughs. “There’ve been a lot of late nights of studying and homework.

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