Biology Major

Department of Biology

Why Biological Sciences?

Courses in the biological sciences discipline provide a survey of the field. They meet the needs of students desiring the recent biological viewpoint, preparation for teaching and research in biological sciences, graduate study, a career in applied sciences, or a future in medicine and related fields.

Biological Sciences Requirements
The major requires 40 semester hours, of which 32 hours are upper-level. Biology majors are required to complete courses from the groups listed below. Students are encouraged and counseled to enroll in the elective biology courses that are applicable to career goals they intend to pursue. MATH 1306, MSCI 2311, and MSCI 3101 are required courses for all math and science majors. MATH 1306 and MSCI 2311 can each be used to fulfill three hours of general education requirements.

Degree requirements - the following 16 hours are required of all biology majors:
BIOL 1401 - General Biology I
BIOL 1402 - General Biology II
BIOL 3402 - Genetics
BIOL 3407 - Ecology
Cellular-Molecular Group - four hours from:
BIOL 3403 - Developmental Biology
BIOL 4408 - Cellular and Molecular Biology
Plant Biology Group - four hours from:
BIOL 3405 - General Botany
BIOL 4400 - Plant Taxonomy
Zoology Group - four hours from:
BIOL 3401 - Invertebrate Zoology
BIOL 3404 - Vertebrate Biology
BIOL 4404 - Parasitology
BIOL 4409 - Conservation Biology
General Biology Electives - 12 hours from:
BIOL 3408 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL 3409 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II
BIOL 3410 - Microbiology
BIOL/GEOL 4407 - Oceanography
or any of the courses listed above not used to meet the group requirement
Additional requirements include
CHEM 1401 - General Chemistry I
CHEM 1402 - General Chemistry II
*MATH 1306 - Elementary Statistics
*MSCI 2311 - Scientific Computing
*MSCI 3101 - Faith and Science