Tobacco Free



Wayland Really Cares

A message from Dr. Eric Ash:

Wayland-Anchorage is going “tobacco free” at all Wayland-Anchorage sites. Why? Because "Wayland Really Cares."

The tobacco-free policy applies not just to weekly educational activities, but to all activities in Wayland facilities and on Wayland property throughout the week and weekend.

This policy will involve a continual effort of education and enforcement, so I encourage each of us to help. A kind and loving statement that Wayland-Anchorage is tobacco-free should suffice. I say loving, because in Christian love we are truly looking after the health of an individual as well as the health of everybody else. Therefore, our message is not so much a negative “anti-tobacco,” as it is a positive “pro-wellness.”

After much prayerful consideration of all the issues, I am convinced this is the right thing for Wayland-Anchorage. My sincere thanks to all for supporting this effort.

God bless--




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