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Textbook Lists

Summer Term Textbook List

The book list applies to classroom textbooks only.

*NOTE: Textbook prices WILL change periodically. Please be aware that there will be updates and there is nothing Anchorage Campus can do about it.


Virtual Campus Books

Order your books directly by using this information to purchase the correct book from the Virtual Campus Bookstore.

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Buybacks will be unavailable on weekends.

Swing by and see if any of those old text books are worth a little extra cash.

(Follet sets the list for eligible titles and edition numbers, as well as the refund prices. Wayland has NO control over this)

Textbook Return Policy PDF

Books in use for the current term may be returned according to the following conditions:

  • The ONLY books that are allowed to be retuned are books for dropped or cancelled classes.
  • You must have a receipt in order to return textbooks.
  • Textbooks be returned until the end of the second week of the term
  • New books cannot be written or marked in. This includes a name written inside the cover, as well as notes or highlighting. If marked in, it will be returned for the used price
  • Shrink-wrapped books and bundles cannot be removed from their wrapping. If opened, it will be returned for used price
  • Used books must be returned in the condition which they were purchased.



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