Dr. J.P. Waller, Associate Professor of English

Jim Waller

Background: BS, USAF Academy; MA, University of Wyoming; PhD, Duke University. Have both academic and administrative experience at numerous levels of university life: professor, associate provost, director of institutional relations, and director of graduate school programs. Have served on Fulbright committees and managed Rhodes, Truman, and Marshall Scholarship programs. Have personally overseen several hundred persons pursuing MA/MS and PhD degrees and directed 37 MS theses. Have worked in academe for over 25 years. Arrived at Wayland in 2002.

Academic interest/Specialization: Literature, Humor, Composition Theory, Mark Twain.

Personal Statement: I delight in guiding and mentoring people as they better themselves, especially in writing and speech. I enjoy the richness of human expression and marvel at the beauty of language itself; thatís why I exuberantly promote enlarging the imagination through literature. After all, when God created the world, He spoke it into existence...

Other Hobbies and Interests: writing, reading, hunting, fishing, and ballistics and rifles in general.

Family: Spouse (Darla), Daughter (Olivia), and Son (Sam).