Cindy Michlig, Elmendorf AFB Site Coordinator

Cindy Michlig

Background/Expertise: AAS-in Business Studies, WBU. Arrival at WBU Anchorage 1999. Elmendorf Site Coordinator since 2004.

Personal Statement: I have a deep concern for others (especially children) to know that they are loved and accepted. My heart aches for people who don’t understand that because of Christ we are all important and have a purpose. I believe that as a Christian it is my responsibility to show love to others - NOT OUT OF DUTY - but because we love God and His people.

Other Interests/hobbies: I enjoy having lunch with a good friend and walking around the lake nearby. The two go hand-in-hand. First we walk and then we eat! Another “must have” in my life is a personal devotional time in the morning. When my day begins by spending time with the Lord, I am not only drawn closer to Him but I also receive a renewed love and concern for others. In addition to good friends and daily devotions, I LOVE VACATIONS! One of my favorite places to vacation is Maui! However, I enjoy seeing and experiencing almost anywhere warm, new, and different.

Family: Husband (Conrad), son (Brandon), son (Joshua), grandson (Braydon).