John Jemar, Associate Executive Director/Dean

John Jemar

Background: AS, Wayland Baptist - Anchorage, 1992; BS, Wayland Baptist - Plainview, 1995; M.Div., Columbia Biblical Seminary, 1999; served USAF at Elmendorf 1988-1992; served in the Pro-Life ministry in North Dakota; pastored 18 years in South Carolina and Alaska; pastored in bush Alaska for 4 years; pastored in Eagle River for 8 years.

Academic Interest: Biblical languages have always fascinated me so I have 3 years of graduate New Testament Greek (it's all Greek to me) and 1 year of graduate Old Testament Hebrew (Hebrew gives me a headache). I have been teaching at Wayland - Anchorage since 2004. I teach RLGN 1301 Old Testament History, RLGN 1302 New Testament History, and GREK 1301 Elementary Greek.

Personal Statement: “Praise Jesus for saving me from my sins. God is good, faithful, and sovereign even when we are not. The most important aspect of my faith walk with Jesus is to follow Him where ever He may lead so that I can confidently confess that I live where Jesus wants me to live and I do what Jesus wants me to do.

Other Interests/hobbies: I study my Bible, read a lot, walk the dog, play chess, play my Fender acoustic guitar and Fender electric guitar, write poetry, and write fiction.

Family: I am originally from East Tennessee and my wife, Cheryl, is from North Dakota (we met at Elmendorf, she outranked me then and she outranks me now). We have four grown children and two grandchildren.