FERPA Notice:

Under the terms of FERPA, Wayland Baptist University has established the following as Directory Information and may be released to those requesting it unless the student specifically requests otherwise on the form provided or by submitting written notification to the Office of the University Registrar.
1. Student’s Name
2. Local Address (excluding dorm and room number)
3. Phone Number
4. Permanent Address and Phone Number
5. E-mail Address
6. Date and Place of Birth
7. Photograph
8. Major, Minor, or Specialization
9. Dates of Attendance (Current and Past)
10. Admission or Enrollment Status
11. Campus Attending
12. Class Standing (year)
13. Degrees and Awards
14. Activities
15. Athletic Information

All other information may not be released without written consent of the student. Grades, Social Security Numbers, Ethnicity, Religious Preference and Student Schedules may not be released to anyone other than the student – and NEVER over the phone.

PLEASE NOTE: Students are given the opportunity to restrict Directory Information each year. If the student restricts the release of Directory Information, the limitation of release will be stated on the bottom left hand side of all name screens on work flows dealing with students and no information can be released on that student without further written permission of the student.
Appropriate faculty/staff response: “There is no information available on that person.”

For more information see the following:
Policy & Procedures Manual 8.1.1
Schedule of Classes
Student Handbook
University Academic Catalog

Any questions concerning FERPA may be returned to
Office of the University Registrar