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Wayland Alaska Missions

Helping the communities of Alaska while showing God's love

WAM's 2012-13 Mission Project

Wayland Alaska Missions (WAM) mission is to help the communities of Alaska.

The mission for 2012 was concentrated on serving the needs of the community of Galena - specifically building friendships and strong relationships there. Many of the youth in the Galena boarding school are from broken or un-stable homes. They come to the school from about 60 smaller remote villages across Alaska, and they desperately need relationships. Galena also needs lots of firewood to get through the winter. When that area of Alaska experiences -50°F temperatures for long periods of time, firewood is an essential source of fuel for homes.

Because the area surrounding Galena is low and boggy marshland, firewood is collected during the winter. This requires a heavy duty workhorse for a snow machine, one designed with an exceptionally wide track so that it does not bog down in deep, powdery snow. Therefore, WAM's goal is to raise funds to purchase such a machine and take a mission team out to help cut wood with the missionaries and youth of Galena.

Young Life, Send North, and Galena Bible Church missionaries have found that cutting wood with the youth there is a fantastic way to build meaningful relationships.

Galena Photo
Galena Machina