Wayland Alaska Missions

Helping the communities of Alaska while showing God's love

Welcome to Wayland Alaska Missions


Connect Wayland students who have a heart for Christian companionship and service; provide meaningful opportunities to put textbook learning into practice; energize a dynamic connection with other Alaskans that communicates Wayland's mission with vitality to wide-ranging needs in Alaskan cities and villages.


WAM! is a Wayland-Anchorage student association focused on planning, organizing, and conducting Christian missionary outreach efforts to provide care for the needy and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


WAM! is a public and charitable nonprofit organization created to serve and to address the needs of poverty-stricken people in Alaska. Supporting WAM! will make it possible to fund projects that are above and beyond what we could do on our own.

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As a Volunteer with WAM!, you will have the opportunity to serve others and build hope. You will become a vital part of WAM!'s mission to serve the communities of Alaska. Volunteers have no obligations and volunteer work is typically a day or less in time-commitment. We hope to see you!

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