Darla Waller, Academic Advisor / CLEP - DANTES Test Proctor

Darla Waller

Background/Expertise: BA, Wright State University, 1992. Alaska is home: my family and I moved here just as Alaska became a state. Ive lived in at least 7 different states and spent short periods of time in many others. I also lived in Turkey for a few years. Most often I worked in a financial accounting (banks/catalog company/medical office). I taught art at a small school in Alabama. I have worked for Wayland Anchorage Campus since December 2005.

Academic Interest/Specialization: Art History, Printmaking, Oil Painting, Art Museums, Education, and Finance.

Personal Statement: I became a Christian as a child at a small Anchorage church, Immanuel Baptist. I have grown in my walk with the Lord but still remember my youth at that small church.

Other Hobbies: Art (painting, drawing, and etching), fishing, shooting, travel.

Family: spouse, Jim (Wayland professor): daughter and son-in-law, Olivia and Ben, and grandchildren Luke and Evelyn: and Son and daughter-in-law, Sam and Rachelle.