B.B.A. Specialization in Health Care Administration


B.B.A. Specialization in Health Care Administration - Students in the Health
Care Administration Specialization pursue the planning, organizing, staffing, and controlling of activities and resources in various institutions and agencies within the health sector. The necessity for specially trained or educated health-oriented professionals stems from the complex nature of the health sector and the historical context within which agencies and health professions operate. Skilled administrators are needed for hospitals, nursing homes, primary care centers, health departments, mental health centers, mental hospitals, home health care organizations, managed care organizations, and other health-related organizations. The specialization includes 24 hours from the following courses:

HLAD 3324 - Health Care Professions Human Resource Management
HLAD 3329 - Health Care Financial Management
HLAD 3335 - Administration and Organization of Health Facilities
HLAD 3339 - Theory and Practice of Supervision
HLAD 4334 - Health Care Delivery Systems
HLAD 4336 - Health Care Marketing
HLAD 4337 - Health Care Law
HLAD 4339 - Regulatory Aspects of Long-Term Health Care
HLAD 4340 - Long-Term Health Care Administration