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Savings Connection

pet insurance

Protect your family and your pets

Did you know that in addition to human beings, the Alumni Insurance Program can cover the four-footed members of your family as well?

Many pets will develop ongoing conditions, such as diabetes, hip dysplasia and arthritis that may require costly treatment for the rest of the pet's life.  When you consider that between 30-40% of all pet insurance claims received by our partner Petplan are for chronic conditions that can last beyond 12 months, the importance of their Covered for LifeTM guarantee is undeniable.  Once your pet is insured, Petplan will cover all chronic conditions into old age, provided you renew your policy each year without any break in coverage.  

To protect your finances and the dog or cat you love, learn more at http://meyerandassoc.com/wayland

For more information visit www.meyerandassoc.com/ma/Wayland or contact the program administrator at 800-635-7801.