Please select the link below for information pertaining to each degree. You must contact your campus and/or advisor for specific information referencing the requirements for completion of the degree.

Associate of Applied Science
Bachelor of Christian Ministry (online)
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN) (online)

Bachelor of Applied Science

  • Applied Science (Altus, online)
  • Business Administration (Altus, online)
  • Early Childhood Development (online)
  • Human Services (online)
  • Justice Administration (online
  • Management (Altus, online)

Master of Business Administration (Altus, online)
Master of Arts in Management (Altus, online)
Master of Arts in Counseling (Ft Sill)
Master of Public Administration (Ft Sill, online)
Master of Education (online)
Master of Arts in English (online)
Master of Arts in History (online)
Master of Christian Ministry (online)