Bachelor of Applied Science



The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) is an inverted degree program which allows individuals to apply a vocational/technical field (i.e., courses, training, or work experience) as credit toward a baccalaureate degree while enhancing the liberal arts component of the student's education. Students in this degree program desire to enhance their knowledge, analytical abilities and critical thinking skills for upward mobility in their field.

The BAS degree requires a 36 semester hour major of which 18 semester hours must be in upper-level credit. The AU-ABC program major is applied science. The remaining 18 hours of CCAF credit create a specialization directly related to the AFSC.

Other majors in the BAS are business administration, human services, justice administration, management, religion, or career and technology education. Some of these can be completed with 60 additional hours, depending on one's AFSC.

General Education Core
This is a 42-44 semester hour liberal arts component. It includes courses in English, history, math, science, physical education, speech, political science, computer applications, and religious history. Specific requirements are listed on the sample degree plan.

Some courses taken at Wayland Baptist University, other universities or by testing in fulfillment of the CCAF may be transferred into this section.

Professional Development
The Professional Development component consists of 24 semester hours selected to provide depth or breadth to the major and to provide substantive developmental knowledge for the student's career or personal goals. Up to 18 hours of CCAF credit may be transferred into this section.

Experiential Professional Development
Up to 12 semesters hours of credit may be earned through submission of 48 months or more of Enlisted Performance Reports (EPR). Experiential learning must be evaluated and approved by the university to ensure its relevance to the degree. Students with a completed CCAF should have sufficient time in grade to obtain full credit in this section.

Up to 9 semester hours of CCAF credit can be transferred into this section.

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