Students at Wayland

Adult Education

As an adult learner, you have distinct needs and a heightened set of circumstances that must be considered with regards to your admission. At Wayland Baptist, we realize this, and have for decades. We are fully dedicated to providing you personalized guidance throughout the admission process.

True to our mascot, we are viewed as pioneers in providing academic offerings focused on adult education and military personnel, as well as for pursuing innovative ways to deliver top-rate programs and courses to those audiences.

At Wayland Baptist, we appreciate the significance of your educational journey, of your aspirations, and of your dreams. As a student here, you will enjoy:

High-quality academics… no different from the excellent offerings afforded to full-time traditional students.

Convenience and flexibility… with classes in the evening, on weekends, and online to work around the many demands of your daily life.

Personalized service and guidance… with classes rarely exceeding 20 students and individual access to your professors.

A Christian heritage… which ensures an excellent, caring, and compassionate atmosphere and influence for working adults.

External Campus Locations

All of Wayland’s external campus locations offer The Bachelor of Applied Science, and most offer the Associate of Applied Science. In addition, several campuses offer master’s degree programs and additional bachelor’s degree programs. The University’s external campus locations include:

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Altus, Oklahoma
Amarillo, Texas
Anchorage, Alaska
Clovis, New Mexico
Fairbanks, Alaska
Lubbock, Texas
Mililani, Hawaii
Phoenix, Arizona
San Antonio, Texas
Sierra Vista, Arizona
Tuscon, AZ
Wichita Falls, Texas
Online Program

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