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tuitions and fees


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Wayland Fixed Tuition Plan


Typical Costs for One Semester

Prices below begin in August of the 2015-2016 School Year

The costs for any semester are affected by the number of semester hours taken, any laboratory fees which might be incurred, the type of dormitory room requested, and the meal plan selected. The cost breakdown indicated below is calculated based on 12 semester hours, a shared room, and a meal plan which provides fourteen meals per week.

These prices apply only to Plainview Campus Students. If you are planning on attending another campus, please check their website for tuition information.

  • Undergraduate Student Living On Campus or with parents during 16-week term may experience the following costs for attendance:

  Tuition - 12 hours at $525.00 per hour $6,300.00
  General Fee $540.00
  Compliance Fee $75.00
  Room (median) $907.00
  Meal plan plus tax- 14 (median) $2,087.00
  Books (estimate) $650.00
  Total estimated costs per semester $10,559.00

  • Graduate Plainview Student Living On Campus or with parents during 16-week term may experience the following costs for attendance:

  Tuition - 9 hours at $540.00 per hour $4,455.00
  General Fee $510.00
  Room (median) $1,000.00
  Meal plan plus tax- 14 (median) $1,976.00
  Books (estimate) $825.00
  Transportation $925.00
  Miscellaneous/Personal $1,117.00
  Total estimated costs per semester $10,808.00

Tuition and Fees
Tuition is charged by the semester hour. All charges apply to the Plainview campus and to the external campuses unless otherwise indicated.

Meal Plan Rates for Sixteen-Week Semesters

Residence hall occupants must purchase, at minimum, a 10 meal plan. The following meal plans are available during sixteen-week semesters:

19-meal/week plan $2087
Flex 190 meal/semester plan $2087
14-meal/week plan $2026
Flex 150 meal/semester plan $2026
10-meal/week plan $1961
5-meal/week plan (off-campus students or with special exemption) $1126

Weekly meal plans can only be used in the main dining hall in the University Center. Unused meals on the weekly plans do not carry over from week to week. The Flex plan may be used for meal equivalents in the main dining hall, Pete’s Place in the University Center, and at the grill in Laney Center. Unused Flex Plan meals do not carry over from semester to semester.

Meal Plan Rates for Three-Week Microterms

Residence halls and the dining hall are closed during those university holidays designated in the university calendar.

5-Meal Plan $108


Living on campus
Unless exempted by the Dean of Students, an unmarried student enrolled for seven or more semester hours is required to live in a residence hall and to take meals in the University

Dining Hall.
Dorm costs Here are the dormitory room rates for a sixteen-week semester:

Dormitory Room Rates for a Sixteen-Week Semester:

Women’s Residence Halls  
Ferguson $839.00
Fleming Mays $839.00
Davis Hall $1319.00
Owen $907.00
Private Room Additional Charge $204.00
Men’s Residence Halls  
Brotherhood $839.00
Caprock $907.00
McCoy Hall (senior men, single occupancy) $1185.00
Jimmy Dean Hall $1319.00
Pioneer $864.00
Private Room Additional Charge $204.00

Dormitory Room Rate for Three-Week Microterms:

All residence halls ($44 per week) $139.00
Private room additional charge ($11 per week) $33.00

Pioneer Bucks

Pioneer Bucks will be included in the meal plans. The Pioneer Bucks may be used to purchase food at the Laney Center, Pete’s Place, and at Hutcherson Gymnasium Concession stands. Pioneer Bucks will be allocated for each meal plan as follows:

19-meal plan - $100 Pioneer bucks
Flex 190 plan - $100 Pioneer bucks
14-meal plan - $150 Pioneer bucks
Flex 150 plan - $150 Pioneer bucks
10-meal plan - $200 Pioneer bucks
5-meal plan - $100 Pioneer bucks

The Pioneer bucks originally issued with the plan shall not carry over from semester to semester. Additional Pioneer bucks purchased as an add-on to the meal plan shall be carried over from Fall to Spring Semester, but shall be forfeited, if not used, at the end of Spring Semester.