Fill out the FAFSA as soon as you can every year---there are first come first serve grants and it really is worth the time it takes to fill the paperwork out. I got our pin #’s and filled it out online every year. Then I put it on my calendar to get it going again each February so I could submit it as soon as the date came to apply. God was so gracious to help me get both her and her sister through college and by being diligent with filling out FAFSA and checking with Financial Aid often, I was able to send her without taking out any loans.  I thank Perri McDonald in Financial Aid for all her hard work in getting the right information in our hands to be able to do that.

Submitted by Pam Lloyd

Getting kids off to college is a stressful time in a parent’s life. Knowing where to start and how to get everything done that you need to do is challenging. I have twin sons who started to Wayland Baptist University in August of 2006. They have now completed their first year and are about to begin their second year this August.

Our experience their first year has been a good one. They enjoy the smaller classes and the faculty has been great. They were blessed to be able to get a work study job in the University Store for Eddie Turner and he and his staff have been wonderful to them. Perry McDonald and Karen LaQuey are always very helpful and willing to answer any of our questions concerning FASFA and financial aid. Any of the financial aid staff is willing to help you any way they can. Financial Aid is also the place to go to see what jobs may be posted for student workers on campus. The Business Office staff is there to help answer any questions concerning your bill and payment arrangements. If you have problems or issues concerning payment they will do their best to help you.

My suggestions would be to get with financial aid as soon as possible each semester to ensure that you will receive the most benefit you can. Pay attention to the dates and deadlines posted on your statements or in the catalog concerning financial aid, payment dates, housing, etc. and give yourself time to get those things done. This will cut down on your stress of last minute issues. Take advantage of early registrations to get the classes your student wants before they close. And, the most important, when in doubt ask! Everyone at Wayland Baptist University is willing to get you the answer or help you in anyway they can. Good luck I hope your experience is as good as ours has been.

God bless you,
Submitted by Donna Hall


Your student is in for a wonderful experience at Wayland Baptist University. Both of my daughters graduated from Wayland and had wonderful experiences there.

Encourage your son/daughter to get involved in the student organizations on campus. The BSM is a wonderful organization with many opportunities for them. Encourage them to get involved in a local church. There is so much they can give to a local congregation as well as find lasting relationships and a deeper walk with our Lord.

Above all fill out the FAFSA as soon as you can every year. You may have to bug, nag, and threaten your son/daughter to send you the forms but stay on them. The grants, scholarships and other financial aid are given out on a first come first served basis.

Encourage your son/daughter to buy their books early so they can take advantage of the used books at the bookstore. The used books will go fast.

If your son/daughter needs to work bring them down early at get them to interview in several offices or areas. There are many jobs available but there are also many students wanting jobs.

Encourage your son/daughter to ask questions if they don’t know what to do. They will find many helpful people in the Business Office, Financial Aid, Registrar, Bookstore, and the school offices. If you ever have a question, feel free to call the campus, there are so many very helpful people that will direct you to the person with the answer to your question.

I know it is hard to see your son/daughter leave home but it is comforting to know that they are going to such a nurturing Christian environment like Wayland Baptist University.

Submitted by: Eddie Turner