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As an international college prospect, you must have many questions about the U.S. education institutions you are considering, as well as the cities or towns in which they are located.   We've included information below that will, hopefully, provide a sense of what life here at Wayland is like.

What is Wayland’s General Environment?
Our faculty, staff, and students have one word to describe the environment at Wayland: family. Due to its small size, Wayland affords the opportunity to develop very close relationships with everyone you meet here. It is not uncommon for a professor to contact a student who has missed class to see if they are well or need assistance. Also, the students develop very close bonds, especially in the international community. It is a safe campus where your faith is nurtured and you are encouraged to seek answers to life’s questions and make your own decisions about your life’s path.

What Type of Living and Food Accommodations are Available on Campus?
All international students are required to live in school housing. Men and women live in separate dorms, but do have limited visitation privileges. There is housing available for married students. A central cafeteria and two grill rooms serve all dorm residents and any faculty or staff member who wish to eat there. Different meal plans are available based on the number of times a week you want to eat in the cafeteria. Some dorms have kitchens in which students are allowed to do some food preparation.

How Much Are Living Expenses?
Dorm prices are based on the amenities available. The average cost of a dorm room is $1,600 for two semesters (one academic term). Meal plans range in price based on the number of meals per week you wish to eat in the cafeteria. There are 10-meal, 14-meal, 19-meal, and flexible meal plans. We recommend the 19-meal plan the first year.

The cost of living in Plainview is below the U.S. national average, which means it is a very affordable place to live. For the international student, it may be either lower or higher than the norm, based on the nationality of the student and the student’s financial situation. Also, it depends on what your personal needs are.

Following is an estimate of the cost of a full academic year based on a 12-hour course schedule.


Tuition - 12 hours/semester at $525.00 per hour (Beginning July 1, 2015)


General Fee


Room (median)


Meal plan (plus tax)- 14 (median)


Books (estimate)


Health Insurance - Required for all international students



Total estimated costs for one academic semester

$ 10,559.00


This is an estimate for the 2015-2016 academic year.
Tuition is subject to change each academic year.

This does not include costs for traveling back home during holidays.

What Types of Scholarships are Available for International Students?
The tuition and fees at Wayland are some of the most reasonable in the U.S., especially when you consider the excellent education and individual attention you will receive. International students compete for the same scholarships as domestic students. The best, renewable scholarship is the Pioneer Scholar Award. It is based on ACT/SAT scores and is renewed when the student’s GPA is maintained at a specific level. Below is a table of the monetary awards associated with this scholarship.

Pioneer Scholar Award










Full Tuition





Two-Thirds Tuition





One-Third Tuition


There are many other types of scholarships available. Each has its own criteria. However, they tend to be small in amount and vary in duration. They can only be a supplement to your personal financial support.

May I Work While I am Going to School?
Immigration regulations restrict where and when an international student can work. International students may work on-campus up to 20 hours per week during a regular semester and over 20 hours during school breaks when the offices are open. Off-campus work is not allowed during the first year and is highly restricted after that time.

If I am Having Trouble with A Course, What Type of Assistance is Available?

First, ask your professor or instructor for assistance. They welcome the opportunity to help you with academic challenges. . However, if you need help with reading and writing assignments or would like continuous help throughout a semester, free tutoring is available for all students through the Dean of Students office.

What If I Can't Travel Home During a School Break?
International students who are unable to return home during school breaks can remain on the campus or travel to visit friends or relatives who are in the U.S. The housing director makes every effort to assign internationals to dorms that remain open during school breaks so they do not have to find another place to stay.

During some breaks, the cafeteria is either closed or has very limited hours. When the cafeteria is closed, international students must be prepared to go off-campus for meals or utilize the kitchens in the dorms that have these facilities. Therefore, it is very important for you to have extra money available to pay for your meals during these times. Following is a table outlining the school breaks, their approximate dates, and comments about the breaks.


School Break



Fall Break

Late October

Cafeteria closed.  All residence halls open. 


Last Wednesday, Thursday & Friday in November

Cafeteria and some residence halls are closed.


Last two weeks of the year

Cafeteria and some residence halls are closed.

Spring Break

Middle of March

Cafeteria and some residence halls are closed.


Early May through Mid August

There are four short summer sessions.  Some residence halls remain open all summer.  The cafeteria hours are varied based on the summer term in session. 


What is the Geography and Climate of the Area?
Plainview is located in what is known as the South Plains of Texas. This is in the portion of the state that, on the map, looks like the handle of a cooking pan. Thus, it is also called the “Panhandle” region of Texas. The terrain is very flat, with few trees. However, it is excellent farming land and, during the summer, there are lush green fields of plants such as cotton, wheat, and corn.

The South Plains region of Texas has four distinct seasons. There is an average of 320 days of sunshine. The average annual rainfall is 18” (46 centimeters), so the region is semi-arid in climate. Temperatures vary widely from the hot summer months (highs to 38º Celsius) to the cold winter months (0º Celsius and below). This area is also known for its wind, which can be very gentle, or blow quite hard.

What are Texas People Like?
The word “tejas,” from which the state name of Texas is derived, means “friend.” People in the Panhandle of Texas are very friendly. They are quick to introduce themselves to people they don’t know and are also quick to tell others what they think. To cultures that are more reserved, this can be a bit unsettling.

People on the South Plains tend to be politically conservative and can have strong religious beliefs. Because Plainview is a rural community, people have a very strong work ethic and are known for their honesty and trustworthiness. They love sports, music, and other pursuits where they can gather with family and friends. They are extremely generous. You will feel welcomed from the moment you arrive.

Will I Like the Food?
Food in the U.S. is plentiful and comes in a wide variety of types due to the many different cultures that have immigrated here. The town of Plainview has a wide variety of different restaurants, from Mexican to Japanese to regular American fare. The food in the central school cafeteria has to satisfy a lot of different tastes and the cafeteria manager makes every effort to serve meals that meet general nutrition requirements. However, you will miss your native foods. A lot of international students purchase a small refrigerator to place in their dorm rooms so they can store those perishable foods that may not be served in the cafeteria. The women’s dorms have kitchens where students can occasionally cook their own meals.

Travel to Plainview:
The U. S. is a very large country. The State of Texas is extremely large, too. The largest major airport near Plainview is in Lubbock, Texas. When you are making travel plans to come to Plainview, the airline may want to book you only to Dallas or Houston. However, both of these cities are 6 and 12 hours driving distance, respectively, from Plainview. In order for someone from Wayland to meet you at an airport to bring you to the campus, you must book your flight all the way to Lubbock. We will work with you to make sure that your travel to Plainview is as direct as possible, but it is your responsibility to make sure you book a flight all the way to Lubbock, Texas.


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