Why does Wayland require submission of tax documents, when I have already submitted the information on the FAFSA?


In order to benefit the student and accurately award each student’s aid according to federal guidelines, it is University policy that the WBU Financial Aid Staff verify those student files selected by the Department of Education.  WBU also reserves the right to verify files not chosen by the Department of Education. In order to complete such verification process, all supporting documentation must be supplied. This includes signed copies of most recent 1040s, SSA 1099, etc…

*If a student is having difficulty locating their most recent tax return, they may call

1-800-TAX-1040, in order to receive a transcript of the required 1040s.

*If a student received income yet was not required to file a return by IRS standards, they must supply copies of all, SSA 1099’s etc… as well as complete a Non-Filer Certification of Income Information in order for our offices to properly verify the file.